Ads On Boobs! Yes, It’s A New Low!

Ads On Boobs! Yes, It’s A New Low!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for brands sexualising women’s bodies, Tittygram has been launched and all reports are that business is bouncing along nicely.

B&T Magazine
Posted by B&T Magazine

The Russian website, Tittygram gives brands the chance to have a 35-character message scribbled on some woman’s breasts. All for the cheap price of $9.95!

Some of the brands who have jumped on the booby-bandwagon included Burger King Russia and a Moscow Law Firm. The Burger King message was “I Love Burger King” and law film Family Case wrote: “Divorce lawyer” followed by its website. Classy stuff.



According to The Moscow Times, Tittygram CEO Vladimir Gritsenko proved so popular that staff are working 24 hours a day and over 2,000 photos have been sent out already.

The company claims that they donate 2 per cent of their proceeds to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Which makes it all okay.

Tittygram. Our boobs. Your message. Our misogny.