13 October, 2017
13 October, 2017

Prototyping Crash Course

There are countless idea challenges being run by large organisations these days but one thing we hear all the time from corporates is “we don’t have a pathway to help people turn their ideas into reality” or “ideas are easy, implementation is hard and expensive”.

The longer you run such challenges without taking next steps, the more likely employees are to become disgruntled and lose faith in your organisation’s innovation initiatives.

But how can we turn ideas into reality fast?

In today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain and ambiguous business and technology environment, we can no longer afford to take big bets on what we think customers want.

In today’s environment, it’s the corporate innovation teams that learn what customers actually want faster than anyone else that have a serious competitive advantage and in order to get this advantage we need to empower our people to become more adept at placing lots of small bets quickly to determine where the greatest opportunities lie.

Over one day you’ll gain exposure to and learn how to use different prototyping tools, how to profile and target the right customer segments and get your prototypes in their hands, how to define metrics of success and ultimately, measure the results of your prototyping efforts to determine next steps (go or no go?!).