21 March, 2018
23 March, 2018

Peak Performance Leadership Summit

See three of the world’s most influential leadership experts together on one stage.

Best-selling authors and leadership experts, John Maxwell, Liz Wiseman and Michael Bungay Stanier present an unmissable one-day leadership summit providing cutting edge strategies, practical tools, and critical components to help you achieve peak performance in your organisation.

Essential for today’s fast-paced, team centered, results-orientated market, Peak Performance will question conventional beliefs, push boundaries of leadership style and individual potential and expose new levels of possibility within your organisation.

Peak Performance will provide direction, team focus, and help you build a plan of action, consistent with your organisation’s goals for the future.

You will learn:

  • How to harness the potential of staff and colleagues to build a high-performance team
  • How to reach your own potential through the seventeen core leadership capabilities
  • Ten principles to increase your influence and leadership skills
  • Become a ‘Multiplier’ – How to get more done with fewer resources, cultivate new ideas and energy for organisational change and innovation
  • Five essential questions to help managers increase focus, courage and resilience to increase the impact of their work

“John Maxwell is a leader’s leader who knows what it takes to succeed.”
PETER LOWE, Peter Lowe International