Posted by Open State
28 September, 2017
8 October, 2017

Open State

Open State is a festival of collaboration, innovation, ideas and enterprise. This year’s program includes more than 100 events such as:

The Future of Media – How journalism is changing. We’re in a world of shrinking newsrooms. #fakenews and fact checking. Branded content and Insta-influencers. What’s real and what’s not? Technology enables us to access ‘free’ and easy news but are you willing to pay for good journalism?

Listen to a panel of commentators including Aaron Guiterman, Edelman’s head of digital public affairs, based in Washington D.C.

Future of Democracy: Why is trust in institutions evaporating? And yet trust in peers is on the rise? Join Professors Alexander Betts and Beth Noveck to explore developments in global democracy.

Digital government (how tech can aid democracy): keynote speaker Beth Noveck, who served in the White House as the first United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer and director of the White House Open Government Initiative (2009-2011).

The festival epicentre is in Victoria Square, Adelaide, with events also held throughout Adelaide and SA. Open State is from September 28 until October 8.

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