16 February, 2017
16 February, 2017

deFrost talk #46 – Off Grid 17 ‘Connecting People To Places’

The 2017 deFrost talk series will kick off on February 16th hosting SEGD’s international event, Off Grid 17. This special Off Grid 2017 conference by SEGD and DINZ will explore how experiential design connects people to places with a series of curated events traversing Australia and New Zealand.

Join Frost*collective’s Carlo Giannasca, Head of Urbanite and Mark Edwards, co-Head of NestVR to be immersed in a world where emotional, physical and virtual collide.

Giannasca will explore design’s potential to choreograph emotional connections spatially and sensorily. Edwards will tease your perspective of the physical world introducing you to realities that reside only in virtual dimensions.

In this session, you will learn how experiential brand journeys can be enhanced and enriched. Local and international case studies will be presented during a session which promises to have an interactive component. This is where science and theatre meet creating extraordinary experiential journeys.

This Off Grid 17 conference intends to encourage delegates to explore how experiential design connects people to place. From stop-overs to networking, this open format, multi-stop event has been designed as a journey, in itself.

Note: deFrost is a ‘stopover’ event for people travelling to Off Grid 17 in Wellington, also open to general public. Off Grid participants can take part in only the Sydney event or join the whole Off Grid 17. For more information visit: