29 March, 2017
29 March, 2017

Creating a great place to work

Building on the last Networking Evening on ‘Agile Thinking’ come and participate in the next Networking Evening ‘Lessons for Improvement’ where Pete Nicholls will discuss some of the ideas about creating a ‘Great Place to Work”.

It is through people that the Principles of Excellence come alive – nothing happens in any enterprise other than through its people and their relationships. Attention to the satisfaction, development and well-being of employees enhances these relationships.

Organisations must focus on growing their intellectual capitalby developing and supporting people to realise their full potential and prepare them for change. It is a culture of trust, openness and empowerment that facilitates shared ownership of the organisation’s goals and the creation of a committed, loyal, productive and innovative workforce.

All of the organisational models around the world describe management systems that ought to promote this people centric culture as a means of creating a customer / market focused culture. An organisation’s agility is dependent on the way people are enabled to read the need for change and to respond rapidly with sustainable improvements.