Posted by Akolade
21 November, 2017
23 November, 2017
Swissôtel Sydney

2nd Corporate Communications & PR Leadership Forum

Strengthening your skills as a strategic leader in communications
The role of the corporate communications leader is undergoing dramatic changes, with responsibilities growing broader and deeper than ever before. Corporate affairs officers are now shouldering an increasing mandate to act as high-level strategic advisors to CEOs, and frequently serve as members of the senior leadership teams offering insights and business direction.

In today’s frenetic and intensively competitive global market, it’s increasingly critical that the corporate affairs function make deeper contributions within the C-suite inner circle, and be ready to strategically advise in times of crisis and scrutiny. The Communications and PR Leadership Forum is about positioning communications as a central leadership function in your organisation. We’re bringing Australia’s leading communications experts together to expand your skillsets as a corporate communicator. Attend this practical forum to explore the role of the communications executive in a rapidly evolving online universe and strengthen your capacity for frontline leadership.

Attend this practical forum and learn how to:

  • Position communications as a central leadership role in your organisation
  • Make the transition from PR practitioner to strategic leader
  • Manage crises, reputation and risk with confidence and efficiency
  • Respond to digital disruption and transformation
  • Navigate the evolving, fragmented media universe

The event programme has just been released, please click here to download the full version.


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