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Consumers control advertising in new Dove campaign


Consumers control advertising in new Dove campaign

 Beauty brand Dove has launched a new Facebook application which allows users to replace negative advertising messages on their pages with positive messages generated by Dove.

The app, the centerpiece of the 'Dove ad makeover' campaign, is the first of its kind and gives consumers the chance to control Facebook advertising across Australia. Participants can select one of eight encouraging messages, such as “your birthday suit suits you" and “the perfect bum is the one you’re sitting on" to share with thousands of women beyond their personal networks.

The app allows for a notification that an ad story has been published to be posted to participant’s timeline, for the participant to choose keywords that describe other women who should see the ad story (from health and travel to fashion and beauty), and for the participant to send the app to friend's timeline.

Kicking off the campaign is a Facebook video which illustrates the way the intiative works and urges fans to participate.  

The Dove Ad Makeover app will count how many women have been reached with positive beauty messages across the country, toward the Dove goal of reaching 5 million women.
Credits: client Dove, global creative agency Ogilvy, PR One Green Bean.


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