Telstra Fined $102,000 Over iPhone Advertising Prices

Telstra Fined $102,000 Over iPhone Advertising Prices

Telstra has been fined $102,000 after the competition watchdog ruled that an iPhone advertisement misrepresented the price of the phone and plan bundle to consumers.

This story was originally published by The Sydney Morning Herald

The telco giant was fined for 'misleading' info about the iPhone's price in a full-page newspaper ad.

Australia’s largest telecommunications provider has paid the fine for a full-page advertisement that appeared in Fairfax Media’s The Age newspaper on September 27.

It featured Telstra’s iPhone 6 phone bundle plan, prominently displayed for a cost of $70 a month.

However, the full cost of the bundle  included an additional $11 a month handset payment, which was mentioned in the fine print, taking the total to $81.

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