NSW Government’s Anti-Stoner Ad Backfires Spectacularly

NSW Government’s Anti-Stoner Ad Backfires Spectacularly

As Afroman would say “I was gonna go to class before I got high (La da da da da da da da da)”. Over the weekend the NSW government’s anti-marijuana campaign has sparked a fire in social media as it depicts cannabis smoking teens as adorable sloths.

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The Stoner Sloth campaign consists of three videos with the tagline “You’re worse on weed”.

In one video clip, the sloth can’t submit a class assignment. The accompanying tagline: “When you realise you should have hit the books and not the bong”.  In another clip, a sloth named Jason, fails to pass the salt at the family dinner table and disappoints his dad. The tagline reads: “Stoned at dinner and the struggle is too real”. The final clip is at a party where people take selfies with stoner sloth because he is so out of it. The tagline is: “When your mate turns into ‘that guy’ at the party”).

#stonersloth has been trending on Twitter for 10 hours now, here are some of the best reactions:

A new blockbuster film Sloth Wars: Episode 7 The Grass A-bakens:


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