Figurine Satire: What Agency Life Is Like

Figurine Satire: What Agency Life Is Like

Every agency is unique in its own way but certain aspects remain the same. A buzzing work environment, difficult clients, weekend brainstormings, deadlines, booze-heavy parties and the endless debates between creative and accounts are just a few elements that can be found in most, if not all agencies.

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What life in an ad agency is like, displayed by tiny people.

Ohio-based brand strategist Derrick Lin captures the daily moments of agency life by taking photographs of miniature figures interacting with everyday office objects. In fact most of these hold true for any office job, not just advertising. Check them out below.

“Well, everyone is back in the office. Now what?”

life in agency1

“Every vacationer knows there is a mountain of work waiting for them to come back.”

life in agency5

“In advertising, if you want to keep ideas flowing, just add beer.”

life in agency4

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