Metaphors to simplify tech-heavy ad

Metaphors to simplify tech-heavy ad

A new infomercial for Kaspersky Lab attempts to communicate complicated and dry topics such as password protection and transactional protocols with metaphors.

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The video (click here to watch it) was created by Trunk and Peep Show, which described the task as “not an easy feat”.

Trunk’s Richard Barnett said: “We spent a lot of time looking at glossy car commercials, perfume ads and spots for high end products. After a while we realised that if we used reflective surfaces and more detail in the illustrations we could evolve the look of this film compared to our previous ones.”

Credits: software, Cinema 4D, After Effects, director Pete Mellor, art director Miles Donovan, design Spencer Wilson, animation Nicol Scott, Rok Predin, Leslie Dart, music Ivan Arnold Sound- Fonic, producer Richard Barnett, agency Trunk