Marmite ad: humorous or trivialising animal cruelty?

Marmite ad: humorous or trivialising animal cruelty?

A Marmite ad has courted criticism and an influx of complaints to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for trivialising the work of animal welfare and child protection agencies.

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The ad, created by Adam & Eve and DDB, is filmed in the style of a documentary and features a rescue team visiting a home in West London to follow up reports of neglect in the home.

When the team gets inside they look through the cupboards and are distressed to find a jar of Marmite lost in the back of the pantry.

The team then removes the “stricken jar” in a cage, as the family watches on in shame. A new young rescue recruit is later confronted when he finds a baby sized jar of the spread – “I’ve not seen one that small before” he cries.

Campaign UK reports that the ASA has received 250 complaints over the ad.

Locally, another yeasty spread AussieMite has irked Catholic’s with a spot by ad agency Grown-Ups which shows churchgoers queuing for communion.

When one worshipper reaches the front, she dips her sacramental bread into a jar of AussieMite – prompting the priest to do the same. AussieMite is a challenger brand to Vegemite and Marmite. For more on the campaign click here. 

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