Billboards alight for The Hunger Games

Billboards alight for The Hunger Games

oOh! Media is setting fire to its Westfield digital screens to promote the release of The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie to DVD.

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No digital screens will be hurt in the process with the flames only ingniting digitally when a shopper taps or scans their mobile device to access the Catching Fire memory game.

The campaign uses Tap or Scan capabilities with gaming technology to “raise the bar” on shopper interactivity, in-store impact and online shareability.

The campaign entices shoppers to play the game to win a $200 daily Westfield voucher for the fastest player and encourages them to share via social media for a chance to win a $1,000 Westfield voucher.

Players need to tap or scan their mobile device on the retail ad to be directed to the mobile site where they play the memory game. Each time someone taps or scans all the digital screens carrying the campaign in that shopping centre will ‘catch on fire’.

The campaign started last week and will run for 14 days across 77 digital and static Tap or Scan enabled panels across Australia’s Eastern Seabord and 142 static panels nationally.

CREDITS: Brand: The Hunger Games Catching Fire – DVD Campaign:      The Hunger Games Ignite Creative Agency: oOh! Media Agency: OMD Client: Village Road Show                              

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