BMF hires digital creatives for Melbourne

BMF hires digital creatives for Melbourne

BMF Melbourne has appointed a new digital and social native creative team with Kerem Sekerci as copywriter and Rob Jones as art director.

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Sekerci (pictured right) and Jones (pictured left) at POKE London in 2011 and specialise in social, technology and online content.

They have worked with a number of clients including Skype, Orange Mobile, Firefox and Diesel.

Carlos Furnari, BMF Melbourne creative director, said: "Rob and Kerem, or Kerem and Rob, are exactly the type of creatives the industry needs more of in the year 2014. They ‘get it’. And by ‘it’ I mean they get that it's no longer just about ads.

“They get (and not begrudgingly) all that new digital-social-ever-evolving-tech-nerd-app-what-filter-should-I-use-ibeacon-#stuff as well. Hell, they even have Android phones. What? Aside from the fact that they're annoyingly talented, we're all excited to have been able to get them on-board. I look forward to them making the rest of us look like we have no idea what we are doing.”